With the aim of diversifying its business interests, Paquetá Shoes, which specializes in manufacturing women's shoes, established a partnership with the italian brand Diadora for more than ten years. It held a license for the brand, developing, producing and marketing its products in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Through this partnerhsip the company gained expertise in the production of sports shoes and sought new alliances, currently producing 5 million pairs of shoes a year for a number of brands including Adidas, Asics, Oakley, DC Shoes among others.

Unique features

Paquetá has an entire division dedicated to the development and manufacture of sports shoes.

  • Cutting edge technology, a highly specialized workforce and dynamism come together in this unique company, unmatched in Latin America.
  • We have achieved high standards of quality and productivity, with a constant focus on social and environmental aspects.
  • We develop and manufacture products for internationally renowned brands.


Creative design

Paquetá’s team of creative design professionals caters to the demands of the commercial sector, providing high performance design solutions, facilitating decision-making in product definition.

Molding / Stamping

Techniques in the construction and manufacture of shoes ensure products that comply with client specifications.

EVA injection molding process

Specialized infrastructure in the production of EVA injection molded components.

Sole manufacturing

The entire production process of rubber soles is carried out at Rubberloss using the rubber pelletizing process, ensuring less waste generation.


  • Adidas
  • Asics
  • Kipling
  • Lacoste
  • New Balance
  • Oakley
  • Puma

Contact Information

55 (51) 3599-8800

Production Plants

  • Pentecoste - CE - Brasil
    Pentecoste - CE - Brasil
  • Ipirá - BA - Brasil
    Ipirá - BA - Brasil
  • Pentecoste - CE - Brasil
    Pentecoste - CE - Brasil
  • Ipirá - BA - Brasil
    Ipirá - BA - Brasil
  • Pentecoste - Ceará - Brazil
    Pentecoste - Ceará - Brazil
  • Ipirá - Bahia - Brazil
    Ipirá - Bahia - Brazil

Production Cycle

Learn about the production cycle of Paquetá's sports sector.


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Women's Exports

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