ISO 9001-2008 - Certified Factories

On June 20, 1945, Indústria de Calçados Paquetá opened its doors for the first time.
It started off producing five pairs of shoes a day, and now produces approximately 55,000 pairs of women’s, children’s and sports footwear every day.

The manufacturing units are currently divided as follows: women’s exports, women’s domestic market, and sports. The corporation has seven industrial facilities that are located in the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul, Ceará and Bahia.


7 production units:
5 in Brasil, 1 in Argentina,
1 in the Dominican Republic

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Women's Exports

Since the 1970's
Paquetá Shoes has specialized
in manufacturing shoes
for export.

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We produce more than
5 million pairs of shoes
a year for different brands.

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